Annex I- Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Oil

Appendices to Annex I

Appendix I

List of oils*

Asphalt solutions

Gasoline blending stocks

Blending stocks Alkylates – fuel
Roofers flux Reformates
Straight run residue Polymer – fuel
Oils Gasolines
Clarified Casinghead (natural)
Crude oil Automotive
Mixtures containing crude oil Aviation
Diesel oil Straight run
Fuel oil no. 4 Fuel oil no. 1 (kerosene)
Fuel oil no. 5 Fuel oil no. 1-D
Fuel oil no. 6 Fuel oil no. 2
Residual fuel oil Fuel oil no. 2-D
Road oil  
Transformer oil  
Aromatic oil (excluding vegetable oil)  
Lubricating oils and blending stocks Jet fuels
Mineral oil JP-1 (kerosene)
Motor oil JP-3
Penetrating oil JP-4
Spindle oil JP-5 (kerosene, heavy)
Turbine oil Turbo fuel
Distillates Mineral spirit
Straight run  
Flashed feed stocks Naphtha
Gas oil Petroleum
Cracked Heartcut distillate oil

* This list of oils shall not necessarily be considered as comprehensive.