Annex I- Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Oil

Chapter 3 - Requirements for machinery spaces of all ships

Part C - Control of operational discharge of oil

Regulation 16 - Segregation of oil and water ballast and carriage of oil in forepeak tanks

1 Except as provided in paragraph 2 of this regulation, in ships delivered after 31 December 1979, as defined in regulation 1.28.2, of 4,000 gross tonnage and above other than oil tankers, and in oil tankers delivered after 31 December 1979, as defined in regulation 1.28.2, of 150 gross tonnage and above, no ballast water shall be carried in any oil fuel tank.

2 Where the need to carry large quantities of oil fuel render it necessary to carry ballast water which is not a clean ballast in any oil fuel tank, such ballast water shall be discharged to reception facilities or into the sea in compliance with regulation 15 of this Annex using the equipment specified in regulation 14.2 of this Annex, and an entry shall be made in the Oil Record Book to this effect.

3 In a ship of 400 gross tonnage and above, for which the building contract is placed after 1 January 1982 or, in the absence of a building contract, the keel of which is laid or which is at a similar stage of construction after 1 July 1982, oil shall not be carried in a forepeak tank or a tank forward of the collision bulkhead.

4 All ships other than those subject to paragraphs 1 and 3 of this regulation shall comply with the provisions of those paragraphs as far as is reasonable and practicable.