Annex I- Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Oil

Chapter 4 - Requirements for the cargo area of oil tankers. Part A - Construction

Regulation 24 - Damage assumptions

1 For the purpose of calculating hypothetical oil outflow from oil tankers in accordance with regulations 25 and 26, three dimensions of the extent of damage of a parallelepiped on the side and bottom of the ship are assumed as follows. In the case of bottom damages two conditions are set forth to be applied individually to the stated portions of the oil tanker.

.1 Side damage:
  .1.1 Longitudinal extent (lc): or 14.5 m, whichever is less
  .1.2 Transverse extent (tc) (inboard from the ship's side at right angles to the centreline at the level corresponding to the assigned summer freeboard): or 11.5 m, whichever is less
  .1.3 Vertical extent (vc): From the baseline upwards without limit
.2 Bottom damage:
      For 0.3L from the forward perpendicular of the ship Any other part of the ship
  .2.1 Longitudinal extent (ls): or 5 m, whichever is less
  .2.2 Transverse extent (ts): or 10 m, whichever is less, but not less than 5 m 5 m
  .2.3 Vertical extent from the baseline (vs): or 6 m, whichever is less

2 Wherever the symbols given in this regulation appear in this chapter, they have the meaning as defined in this regulation.