Annex III- Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Harmful Substances Carried by Sea in Packaged Form

Regulation 1 - Application

(1) Unless expressly provided otherwise, the regulations of this Annex apply to all ships carrying harmful substances in packaged form.

  (1.1) For then purpose of this Annex, "harmful substances" are those substances which are identified as marine pollutants in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code).*
  (1.2) Guidelines for the identification of harmful substances in packaged form are given in the appendix to this Annex.
  (1.3) For the purposes of this Annex, ''packaged form'' is defined as the forms of containment specified for harmful substances in the IMDG Code.

(2) The carriage of harmful substances is prohibited, except in accordance with the provisions of this Annex.

(3) To supplement the provisions of this Annex, the Government of each Party to the Convention shall issue, or cause to be issued, detailed requirements on packing, marking, labelling, documentation, stowage, quantity limitations and exceptions for preventing or minimizing pollution of the marine environment by harmful substances.*

(4) For the purposes of this Annex, empty packagings which have been used previously for the carriage of harmful substances shall themselves be treated as harmful substances unless adequate precautions have been taken to ensure that they contain no residue that is harmful to the marine environment.

(5) The requirements of this Annex do not apply to ship's stores and equipment.


* Refer to the IMDG Code adopted by the Organization by resolution A.716(17), as it has been or may be amended by the Maritime Safety Committee; see IMO sales publications IE200E and IE210E.