Annex III- Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Harmful Substances Carried by Sea in Packaged Form

Regulation 3 - Marking and labelling

(1) Packages containing a harmful substance shall be durably marked with the correct technical name (trade names alone shall not be used) and, further, shall be durably marked or labelled to indicate that the substance is a marine pollutant. Such identification shall be supplemented where possible by any other means, for example, by use of the relevant United Nations number.

(2) The method of marking the correct technical name and of affixing labels on packages containing a harmful substance shall be such that this information will still be identifiable on packages surviving at least three months' immersion in the sea. In considering suitable marking and labelling, account shall be taken of the durability of the materials used and of the surface of the package.

(3) Packages containing small quantities of harmful substances may be exempted from the marking requirements.*

* Refer to the specific exemptions provided for in the IMDG Code; see IMO sales publications IE200E and IE210E.