Annex VI- Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships

Appendices to Annex VI

Appendix IV - Type approval and operating limits for shipboard incinerators (Regulation 16)

(1) Shipboard incinerators described in regulation 16(2) shall possess an IMO type approval certificate for each incinerator. In order to obtain such certificate, the incinerator shall be designed and built to an approved standard as described in regulation 16(2). Each model shall be subject to a specified type approval test operation at the factory or an approved test facility, and under the responsibility of the Administration, using the following standard fuel/waste specification for the type approval test for determining whether the incinerator operates within the limits specified in paragraph (2) of this appendix:

Sludge oil consisting of:

75% sludge oil from HFO;
5% waste lubricating oil; and
20% emulsified water

Solid waste consisting of:

50% food waste
50% rubbish containing
   approx. 30% paper,
   approx. 40% cardboard,
   approx. 10% rags,
   approx. 20% plastic
The mixture will have up to 50% moisture and 7% incombustible solids.

(2) Incinerators described in regulation 16(2) shall operate within the following limits:

O2 in combustion chamber: 6-12%
CO in flue gas maximum average: 200 mg/MJ
Soot number maximum or average: Bacharach 3 or
Ringelman 1 (20% opacity)
(A higher soot number is acceptable only during very short periods such as starting up)
Unburned components in ash residues: maximum 10% by weight
Combustion chamber flue gas outlet temperature range: 850-1200°C