Annex VI- Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships

Chapter 2 - Survey, certification and means of control

Regulation 11 - Detection of violations and enforcement

(1) Parties to this Annex shall co-operate in the detection of violations and the enforcement of the provisions of this Annex, using all appropriate and practicable measures of detection and environmental monitoring, adequate procedures for reporting and accumulation of evidence.

(2) A ship to which the present Annex applies may, in any port or offshore terminal of a Party, be subject to inspection by officers appointed or authorized by that Party for the purpose of verifying whether the ship has emitted any of the substances covered by this Annex in violation of the provision of this Annex. If an inspection indicates a violation of this Annex, a report shall be forwarded to the Administration for any appropriate action.

(3) Any Party shall furnish to the Administration evidence, if any, that the ship has emitted any of the substances covered by this Annex in violation of the provisions of this Annex. If it is practicable to do so, the competent authority of the former Party shall notify the master of the ship of the alleged violation.

(4) Upon receiving such evidence, the Administration so informed shall investigate the matter, and may request the other Party to furnish further or better evidence of the alleged contravention. If the Administration is satisfied that sufficient evidence is available to enable proceedings to be brought in respect of the alleged violation, it shall cause such proceedings to be taken in accordance with its law as soon as possible. The Administration shall promptly inform the Party which has reported the alleged violation, as well as the Organization, of the action taken.

(5) A Party may also inspect a ship to which this Annex applies when it enters the ports or offshore terminals under its jurisdiction, if a request for an investigation is received from any Party together with sufficient evidence that the ship has emitted any of the substances covered by the Annex in any place in violation of this Annex. The report of such investigation shall be sent to the Party requesting it and to the Administration so that the appropriate action may be taken under the present Convention.

(6) The international law concerning the prevention, reduction, and control of pollution of the marine environment from ships, including that law relating to enforcement and safeguards, in force at the time of application or interpretation of this Annex, applies, mutatis mutandis, to the rules and standards set forth in this Annex.