Annex IV- Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Sewage from Ships

Chapter 1 - General
  Regulation 1 Definitions
  Regulation 2 Applications
  Regulation 3 Exceptions
Chapter 2 - Surveys and certification
  Regulation 4 Surveys
  Regulation 5 Issue or endorsement of a Certificate
  Regulation 6 Issue or endorsement of a Certificate by another Government
  Regulation 7 Form of Certificate
  Regulation 8 Duration and validity of Certificate
Chapter 3 - Equipment and control of discharge
  Regulation 9 Sewage systems
  Regulation 10 Standard discharge connections
  Regulation 11 Discharge of sewage
Chapter 4 - Reception facilities
  Regulation 12 Reception facilities
Appendix to Annex IV
  Appendix Form of International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate