Annex II- Regulations for the Control of Pollution by Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk

Chapter 1 - General
  Regulation 1 Definitions
  Regulation 2 Application
  Regulation 3 Exceptions
  Regulation 4 Exemptions
  Regulation 5 Equivalents
Chapter 2 - Categorization of noxious liquid substances
  Regulation 6 Categorization and listing of noxious
liquid substances and other substances
Chapter 3 - Surveys and certification
  Regulation 7 Survey and certification of chemical tankers
  Regulation 8 Surveys
  Regulation 9 Issue or endorsement of Certificate
  Regulation 10 Duration and validity of Certificate
Chapter 4 - Design, construction, arrangement and equipment
  Regulation 11 Design, construction, equipment and
  Regulation 12 Pumping, piping, unloading arrangements
and slop tanks
Chapter 5 Operational discharges of residues of noxious liquid substances
  Regulation 13 Control of discharges of residues of
noxious liquid substances
  Regulation 14 Procedures and Arrangements Manual
  Regulation 15 Cargo Record Book
Chapter 6 - Measures of control by port States
  Regulation 16 Measures of control
Chapter 7 - Prevention of pollution arising from an incident involving noxious liquid substances
  Regulation 17 Shipboard marine pollution emergency
plan for noxious liquid substances
Chapter 8 - Reception facilities
  Regulation 18 Reception facilities and cargo unloading
terminal arrangements
Appendices to Annex II
  Appendix 1 Guidelines for the categorization of noxious liquid substances
  Appendix 2 Form of Cargo Record Book for ships carrying noxious liquid substances in bulk
  Appendix 3 Form of International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk
  Appendix 4 Standard format for the Procedures and Arrangements Manual
  Appendix 5 Assessment of residue quantities in cargo tanks, pumps and associated piping
  Appendix 6 Prewash procedures
  Appendix 7 Ventilation procedures